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Working Together

Working Together

Let’s Heal Together

We often get asked questions about what working together looks like. Here are all of the answers you need!

Do you take insurance?

We work with private pay clients only. The time and money saved on not processing insurance claims means we can offer our services to you at a lower price.

What does working with Mended Light look like?

In order to help you find peace and strength faster, and to create lasting change, you’ll be receiving the combined benefits of counseling and online learning. You’ll benefit from the personal attention of one of our trauma specialists either every week or every other week, giving you compassionate guidance, accountability, tools, and feedback. In between your sessions you’ll spend about an hour a week learning new skills, gaining new insights, and applying what you learn through our online video courses, including our Innate Healing trauma recovery course. You’ll be guided through a program with a beginning and an end, with the option to continue on with us for as long as you like beyond that.

How much do you charge?

No matter your financial situation, it’s our goal to provide you with support in your healing journey. Our Mended Light membership provides you with online video courses, live Q&A’s, and more for just $50/mo ($25/mo for a limited time!) We offer two group counseling sessions per month (membership included) for just $149/mo,, two personal/family sessions per month (membership included) for $449 per month, or four personal/family sessions per month (membership included) for $799 per month. Our 15-minute discovery call is complementary and an 80-minute first session is just $149. Learn more about our services. here

How do I find the best counselor for me?

We’ve taken the guesswork out of that for you! Schedule a complimentary 15-minute discovery call here and a member of our team will get to know your story, your needs, and your personality. They’ll pair you with the trauma specialist from our team who is most likely the best fit for you.

Can Jonathan be my therapist?

Alas, Jonathan is dedicating himself full-time to content creation, as well as training and overseeing our team of specialists. He and Alicia have hand-picked this team, all of whom hold a master’s degree or higher in psychology, professional counseling, etc. for their skill, experience, and ability. We would love to have you work with a member of our team.

My Partner had an affair... What do I do?

I'm so sorry for the devastating situation you are dealing with right now. We have a program Healing from Infidelity, that supports you in healing, finding hope, and guides you in making the decision that is best for you in your relationship.


We’re here for all of them.

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