Simone Alvarez, Trauma Specialist, MS

Chase Brewer


Prior to becoming a therapist, Simone worked in education for over 5 years. In her time there, she counseled and assisted students with managing systemic injustices, depression, ADHD, anxiety, and newer addictions that sprang up with the rise of technology (gaming, cell phone, social media, etc.). Her journey then led her to the world of tech, where she was part of the founding team of an ADHD telepsychiatry platform which sought to expand access to treatment of this severely underrecognized and severe brain disorder. As the company became nationally
known and internationally established, Simone then ventured into data and artificial intelligence– working with founders of LinkedIn and Instacart to create new data monitoring systems for companies.

Her passion, however, resides in assisting others integrate and overcome their personal shadows and trauma. She holds a firm belief that inner growth and integration facilitates authentic outer change.


Since 2020, Simone has worked as an intuitive coach and therapist. She holds a Master’s degree from Columbia University in Counseling and Clinical Psychology with an emphasis on the spirit-mind-body dynamic. Her training includes a traditional clinical skill set, the modality of Jungian analysis, somatic reprogramming, breathwork, equine therapy and flower essences.


Simone credits her innate desire to help others find alignment with themselves to her grandfather, Vicente, who was the Otomi wisdom keeper from her Mexican Indigenous family. Having come from a multicultural and mixed background, Simone innately understands how challenging maneuvering between worlds can be. Growing up, she often was outcast from the multiple races & cultures she was made up of – which allowed her to carve a new path. This combined with the experience of losing some loved ones to suicide while growing up spurred her to find real methods and real answers that can assist others in navigating the complexities
of life. She has learned firsthand that in honoring the spiritual dimension, the clinical viewpoint is enhanced – which can bring others relief and lasting change. In her spare time, you can find her reading fantasy books, attending to her cats, roller skating, and spending time with loved ones.