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Resources and Courses

Available Healing Tools

Mend Your Light Membership is a platform where you can experience our Relationship Foundations and Healing Courses at an affordable price

Healing From Infidelity Webinar

The SECRET 3-Keys to Healing from an Affair (including what you can start doing today) to restore hope.

Trauma Video Series

You can find strength, courage, and peace even after it feels like your world is dangerous, painful, and frightening.

Divorce Video Series

How to Cope with the Loss and Transition) Trade chaos, uncertainty, and despair for resiliency, strength, and hope. 

Shine Your Light Project

Project "Sharing Your Light" is all about sharing your talents, and self-expression in a healing and supportive way. get rid of the comma.


Our videos provide insight and advice that will help you decide if therapy is right for you and give you the tools to start your healing journey.

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