Natasha Toman, Trauma Specialist, MSW

Chase Brewer

Natasha is a trauma specialist, instructor and artist. She focuses on healing from trauma and nurturing a positive outlook in life’s journey.


Natasha enlisted in the US Air Force at the age of 17 and served 10 years as a firefighter with the last two years as a mental health technician. As a mental health technician she was a member of the Traumatic Stress Response team (TSRt) and responded to crises both on and off base offering mental health services.  The experience gained working in high stress environments ignited the passion to pursue a better understanding of trauma both personally and professionally. 

During Natasha’s schooling she interned with Clement J Zabloski VA Medical Center for a year co-facilitating group therapy in substance abuse, depression, anxiety, grief and PTSD. After graduating she went to work in suboxone and vivitrol clinics facilitating group therapy in dual diagnosis and addiction and recovery. 

In better understanding her own trauma growing up in a toxic family system, Natasha allowed herself to grieve and took time to heal her wounded inner child and nurtured a positive outlook in life that became her call to action. She knew she was put on this earth to help guide others on their own journey to healing. 


Natasha earned two associates while serving in the US Air Force in Fire Science and Mental Health Services from the Community College of the Air Force. After honorably separating she went on to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee to earn both an undergrad in Science of Social Work and a master’s degree in Clinical Social Work and Substance Abuse graduating cum laude. Natasha is the perpetual student and blends her clinical knowledge with holistics and is a Licensed Massage Therapist and a Registered Yoga Instructor.


Natasha has an insatiable passion for crafts and regularly teaches herself new hobbies; crochet and beadwork being her favorite. Yoga, meditation, nature and animals are her bread and butter for self care. She is a hippie at heart and lives for experiencing everything nature has to offer: hiking, going to the beach, camping and more with her wonderful husband and two house panthers. She is also an avid reader and enjoys writing works of fiction. 

Natasha is honored to be part of the healing journey and to hold the light for everyone that finds their way to Mended Light.