Not Feeling Like Yourself?

Find Out Why and Get Back to Living

Not Feeling Like Yourself?

Find Out Why and Get Back to Laughing

Healing from Divorce

Find Out Why and Get Back to Life

Together We will Learn

The 3 Keys to Healing from Trauma and living a life with the worth, trust and self-acceptance
you long to have.

How to release the feelings of worthlessness,
shame and guilt.

How to feel whole, loved and know you belong,
even if you’ve tried everything and lost hope.


Alicia is a wife, mother to 5 beautiful children, business consultant and co-founder of the online therapy clinic “Your Family Expert”. After spending years going through her own journey healing from trauma she recognized her story in so many individuals around her. She also knew the strength, peace and joy that comes from healing the parts of you, you once thought were broken. She set out to facilitate that journey for all those who feel the longing to heal. Mended Light is her life calling. 


Jonathan Decker is co-founder of Mended Light and a licensed marriage and family therapist. Since 2013 he has been in private practice, specializing in couples, blended families, adolescence, grief, and trauma. Jonathan is a husband, father, and stepfather. He is a member of several blended families and understands the unique struggles and joys of that situation. Jonathan has experienced personal heartache in the unexpected death of his mother, childhood bullying, and insecurities.  Through these challenges, Jonathan has found his passion in helping others overcome, heal and find peace in their lives and experiences. 


He has helped my husband and I through some very dark and trying times. Every day his words influence us. We are stronger, closer, and better people thanks to Jonathan and what he helped us do for ourselves.” 


I feel like going through this Healing from Infidelity program has made all the difference. Your program specifically has been helpful, because we’d tried previously going to other counselors, and it’s not the same. I mean it. A pivotal part was when you taught it takes time and steps to getting back to being able to trust again and have a happier marriage, and because of that, I can’t put it on a back burner. I need to talk about how I feel and I have every right to feel the way I do.


Mended Light’s programs include life-changing curriculum and skills taught. All the therapists are caring, highly educated, and experienced. Including spiritual overtone that I needed to be integrated throughout courses and therapy. So grateful!!! 



There is Peace on the Other Side of Healing