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Jonathan Decker,LMFT

Jonathan is a clinical therapist, and content creator for Mended Light and Cinema Therapy. He is passionate about healing through humor and creating positive change in the world.


Since 2013 Jonathan has been in private practice, specializing in couples therapy, blended families, adolescence, grief, and singles guidance.

Previously Jonathan worked at a mental health agency, treating anxiety and depression by building family support systems. He ran group therapy for women who’d experienced trauma, as well as a class in overcoming addiction.
Jonathan is a certified facilitator of the singles’ education course How to Avoid Falling in Love with a Jerk or Jerkette. He worked for six years as a mentor and counselor for at-risk teenagers at a juvenile detention center and in group homes.

He is known for presentating at Brigham Young University’s Campus Education Week, along with weekly articles in several national outlets with total readership of nearly one million people. His time is currently occupied with creating online relationship courses to share healthy relationship skills with individuals, couples, and families worldwide.


Jonathan earned a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology from Brigham Young University. He later attended Auburn University where he earned a master’s degree in marriage and family therapy.  During this time he worked with the Alabama Community Healthy Marriage Initiative to promote healthy relationships throughout the state. His master’s thesis on gender role portrayals in children’s media was selected for the dean’s list and for international publication.


Jonathan is a husband, father, and stepfather. He is a member of several blended families and understands the unique struggles and joys of that situation. Jonathan’s mother died young; he credits that heartbreaking event with helping him to be more compassionate towards those who are grieving. He experienced intense bullying as a child and was single longer than many of his peers, both of which have shaped his professional interests.

Jonathan is known as an entertainer, with a background in stage comedy, television performance, and film acting. His passion for the field continues in his media reviews, geared towards helping families grow closer through popular culture. He is a published author.

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