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Jessica Moneo, Trauma Specialist, Psy.M

Since 2018, Jessica has worked as a therapist and coach. Her work has focused on healing from trauma, empowering women, and helping clients develop healthy relationships.


Jessica has a passion for helping her clients develop a deeper understanding of themselves, using all the knowledge gained to help them enhance interpersonal relationships, reach goals and learn new behaviors. She specializes in healing from trauma, attachment wounds and heartbreak; cultivating healthy communication; navigating conflict in constructive ways; establishing healthy boundaries; reclaiming innate self-worth; and helping individuals uncover the subconscious beliefs, blocks and childhood wounds that lead to negative and self-destructive behavioral patterns in order to develop into their most authentic, holistically healthy and integrated version of self. Her compassionate, personable demeanor ensures all of her clients feel seen and supported.

Before becoming a therapist, Jessica worked in education for 14 years, specializing in supporting vulnerable and at-risk children and families who were living with trauma, adverse childhood experiences, attachment issues, mental health challenges and social-emotional-behavioural disorders.


Jessica earned a Bachelor of Education Degree and Post-Graduate Certification in special education with a focus on mental health, social-emotional-behavioral disorders, attachment and trauma before returning to school to pursue graduate studies in the field of psychology. She obtained her Masters Degree in Counselling and Clinical Psychology from Columbia University in New York City. Her thesis work focused on the lasting effects of childhood trauma, chronic stress and attachment wounds.

A multi-passionate individual who loves to learn, Jessica also has a Bachelor of Interior Architecture and Design from Monda Design Academy, in Marbella, Spain.


Jessica is from a small city in the heart of the Canadian prairies. A gypsy at heart, she continually works at finding a balance between the yearnings of her creative spirit and the desires of her intellectual mind. Her passion for holistic health and well-being stems from her own life’s journey and continues to be an ever-evolving area of personal growth.

Although Jessica is comfortable in the role of educator, she also loves to be the student. She has a thirst for knowledge and an innate need to understand the world around her on a deeper level. An art, design, NBA, holistic health and yoga enthusiast, Jessica is happiest when traveling, grounded in nature, immersed in authentic community and spending time with her loved ones.

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