You Deserve to Heal

The effects of abuse and trauma are devastating to individuals and to families. While trauma is not your fault, healing is your opportunity.


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You May Be Asking Yourself: 

  • What do I do if I have flashbacks and awful moments of reliving abuse?
  • How can I handle being haunted by feelings of worthlessness?

  • How do I understand and accept that what I experienced was abuse, even if there were severe lies, manipulations, and gaslighting?
  • What will help me overcome the crushing shame along with the belief that it was all my fault, and feeling unworthy of love?

  • What do I do if my response to trauma is to hide from the crushing pain?

  • How do I create boundaries with loved ones who don’t understand and push me to “get over it?”

You’ve got these questions. We’ve got answers.

There is Hope. Healing is Possible.

We understand where you want to go, and how to get you there. You want to feel whole and complete. You want to know that you are safe. You want closeness and connection without getting hurt. To be seen, known, and accepted. To have good, loving, and patient people in your life. You want to decide who you’ll be and make your own choices. You may want the safety of a healthy relationship with a good listener. Or you may just want to stand on your own with confidence. Likely, you want to be safe to feel your emotions and empowered to trust them. To mindfully act instead of reacting emotionally. You want your light to shine, to find your power, and to live with courage.

Mended Light exists to help you heal from trauma and reclaim your life.


Schedule a Free 15 Minute CallGet the Mend Your Light App

You Are Good Enough

Trauma can leave you feeling shattered and unworthy. You may feel hopeless and worthless, and that you can’t trust anyone or anything. There is hope. Healing is possible.

How to Work with Us

There are four methods we have created to help you where you are today. 

$10 monthly

Mend Your Light App

You know when you’re struggling. What you may not know is what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling it, or how to move through it. Our groundbreaking app uses voice-frequency technology to analyze vibrations in your voice identifying your emotion with greater accuracy than a standard psychological assessment.

Once you know what you’re feeling, our videos will help you to understand, process, and work through your emotions.

These videos offer practical information and useful exercises, all delivered with the humanity and good humor we’re known for. You can also track your emotional state over time to gauge what’s working in helping you to heal.

$25 monthly


For some, personal counseling is the best fit for healing. Others benefit more from a “do-it-yourself” approach. If you’re the latter, you’ll love our membership site. Guided by the wisdom and experience of our own Jonathan Decker, LMFT, you’ll grow in mental resilience, emotional awareness, and relationship expertise through our ever-growing library of video courses.

Jonathan is regularly adding new, exclusive content on subjects such as healthy sexuality, depression, anxiety, self-confidence, grief, parenting, marriage, dating, blended families, and more! These video courses are meant to give you the skills and tools Jonathan teaches in therapy, but at a lower price and at your own pace. Our membership also includes frequent “members-only” LIVE Q&A’s allowing you to pick his brain and get feedback on your situation, as well as access to our Mend Your Light app.

$149 monthly

Group Therapy

There are hurts that require a professional’s touch. There is trauma that needs connection, consistency, and support in order to heal. Our biweekly virtual group sessions are led by our skilled, trained, and educated trauma specialists. The most cost-effective way to access our Innate Healing trauma recovery program, you’ll combine skills and tools learned there with experiences of, encouragement from, and connection with people like you. This is specifically-designed to help you trust again while protecting yourself. With the group sessions you’ll also get access to our membership courses, Live Q&A’s with Jonathan, and the Mend Your Light App.


Individual sessions

In most trauma cases, the personal guidance of a trained professional is the strongest path to healing. Whether that’s in a group or individual or family setting, our trauma specialists are skilled, compassionate, and capable. You’ll benefit from their experience as you work through video courses that you can only get in tandem with counseling, such as our Innate Healing program designed to help you step-by-step from trauma to wholeness, as well as our Healing from Infidelity and Hope After Divorce programs, should you need those. You’ll get the counseling and the exclusive courses, along with the more general membership site courses, live Q&A’s, and the Mend Your Light App, as part of counseling. You can choose from biweekly counseling for $349/mo or weekly counseling for $599/mo. Schedule your free 15-minute call to get started!


What People are Saying

“We are stronger”

Jonathan has helped my husband and I through some very dark and trying times. Every day his words influence us. We are stronger, closer, and better people thanks to Jonathan and what he helped us do for ourselves.” 


“Made all the difference”

I feel like going through this Healing from Infidelity program has made all the difference. Your program specifically has been helpful, because we’d tried previously going to other counselors, and it’s not the same. I mean it. A pivotal part was when you taught it takes time and steps to getting back to being able to trust again and have a happier marriage, and because of that, I can’t put it on a back burner. I need to talk about how I feel and I have every right to feel the way I do.


“So grateful!!!”

Mended Light’s programs include life-changing curriculum and skills taught. All the therapists are caring, highly educated, and experienced. Including spiritual overtone that I needed to be integrated throughout courses and therapy. So grateful!!! 


An investment in my family

As a family we learned and improved our relationships through the courses and I have continued on working on myself. The cost of therapy is an investment in my children and family. I enjoy the flexibility of video sessions. I have recommended Mended Light to other friends and would do it again.


The best therapist I’ve ever had

Very personable and knows what’s best for me.  And they don’t do it in a way that makes me feel guilty or embarrassed. They understand my situation and help me to believe in and have faith in myself. The best therapist I’ve ever had, hands-down!


I’m so thankful

I’m so thankful for the help I was able to receive through our counseling sessions! I used to be embarrassed about needing extra help but am proud to say that I’ve gone to counseling sessions. . He helped me to work through my anxiety, depression and personal trials and I know that I would have struggled far worse had I not had the help!


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