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All you need to do is count.
No more surveys,
no more questions.

As you count out loud, tiny fluctuations in the vibration of your voice have a lot to say about your current emotional state. And while these fluctuations are nearly impossible for the human ear to process, Vibeonix’s voice analysis AI does just that.

It just takes seconds

Voice analysis AI is accurate,
quick, and easy.

In a clinical study, voice analysis AI is proven to be more than twice as effective as a trained human therapist at detecting elevated levels of emotional distress.

Vibeonix is able to analyze voice frequencies, amplitudes, and wavelengths. Our proprietary algorithm uses that information to provide insights and data about the user’s emotions, stress response, mindset, and mental state in real-time.

Emotional wellbeing? We have an app for that.

You can now identify 12 emotions that can be measured through our proprietary voice vibration frequency technology. This is Smart AI!

Measure and track these emotional markers

You’re in good company

Vibeonix has been tested and refined with thousands of assessments and keeps getting better every day.

How it works

It’s not what you say,
It’s how you say it

The vast majority of how we communicate is not in what we say, and yet, most voice research has focused on natural language processing. This puts all the emphasis on what users are saying, and not the deeper level of communication behind the words.

For example, if someone told you “I love you,” but the voice was full of anger, would you feel loved? Most likely not, and yet that’s what traditional voice research has been focusing on.

Here at Vibeonix, we’ve made the harmonic qualities of various emotions and feelings our main focus. We’ve analyzed clinical data and completed thousands of trials to help our AI understand what’s really going on faster and more accurately than ever before. Let’s hear what your voice really has to say.

One app. So many different use cases.

Still not sure?

Let us show you how Emotional Intelligence grows by quantifying personalized and unique emotional data.