Dr. Andrea Bassett Ed. D. 

Chase Brewer


Andrea has a passion for helping people navigate their darkest moments. She comes alongside her clients to help them find what they need to get through their pain. She helps her clients recognize the normal responses to trauma, and then she helps them work through it. Everyone responds to hard situations differently, and Andrea works with each client individually, catering her care to their specific needs. Andrea has experience working with all ages. She works with clients internationally and is well versed in cross-cultural therapy. Andrea’s warm, personal, and nonjudgmental approach provides an environment for clients to heal.

Prior to becoming a mental health specialist, Andrea lived in China and Tibet running a mountaineering business that partnered with local villages to bring humanitarian aid to the people of those areas. Before that, she worked as a juvenile delinquent diversion officer and a juvenile probation officer. Her heart is to be a voice for disenfranchised and vulnerable people. Andrea sat on the board of The House of Promise, a home dedicated to the long-term recovery of rescued sex-trafficked women in the United States.


Andrea earned a bachelor’s in psychology focusing on psychological anthropology. Her master’s is in crisis response and trauma counseling with the focus on rescued sex trafficked woman in the United States. In 2023 Andrea graduated with a doctorate in Community Care and Counseling specializing in traumatology. Andrea loves learning and is constantly reviewing empirically supported methods to provide excellent therapy to her clients.


Andrea was born and raised near Detroit, Michigan. She got married at the age of 20 and quickly had two children. Her and her family labeled themselves as “modern day nomads” and lived internationally for a decade where they owned and operated an adventure tourist mountaineering business. Andrea and her family found great satisfaction in living amongst the people in a mud brick house while doing humanitarian projects in neighboring villages. She has had to navigate transitions, both easy and difficult, and she has had to learn to live in hostile conditions for periods of time. Andrea and her family currently live in Michigan. She continues to travel overseas providing crisis response and trauma counseling in situ.