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Alicia Decker, CEO

Alicia Decker is the CEO of Mended Light. She is an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, and a business strategist.


Alicia began a career in architecture at the age of 17, starting as a draftsman and working her way up to project manager. She specialized in commercial construction including schools, medical facilities, churches, office buildings, a football stadium, and more.

As CEO of Your Family Expert she was instrumental in the development of a new model integrating online coursework with therapy and relationship coaching on a national level. The company doubled its revenue in her first year as CEO, restructuring in order to better serve many more couples and families.

Alicia moonlights as a business strategist. She assists small business owners to improve marketing, organization, and leadership in their companies, with particular expertise in systems and operations.


Alicia graduated from high school at the age of 14. She earned her first college degree in architecture at the age of 19 with an emphasis in engineering. She earned a second college degree in her 20’s, this time in construction management, graduating summa cum laude while increasing her ability to lead a team and run a business. She is avid about personal education, constantly devouring business books and learning about the world around her


Alicia is a wife and mother of five children, whom she presently home schools. As a young woman she was a professional model for several years, although her heart was always in the adventure of wakeboarding, snowboarding, and outdoor activities. Alicia is passionate about humanitarian causes and using her talents to help others. She loves good food, traveling, and the company of family and friends.

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