Heal from Trauma, Divorce, and Infidelity

1 in 3 People Have Experienced Trauma in Their Lives

There may be nothing as devastating to a marriage as infidelity. If this is your current situation, know that through the pain, there is hope. It may seem impossible now, but there can be healing on the other side of this.

Choose a Path to Get Started with Your Healing

3 Keys to Healing from Trauma

You can find strength, courage, and peace even after it feels likeyour world is dangerous, painful, and frightening.

3 Keys to Healing and Hope After Divorce

Trade chaos, uncertainty, and despair for resiliency, strength, and hope.

3 Keys to Healing From an Affair

You can heal even if your dreams have been shattered, and you feel abandoned and betrayed…

You Can Trust Us to Help You on Your Healing Journey

Jonathan has helped my husband and I through some very dark and trying times. Every day his words influence us. We are stronger, closer, and better people thanks to Jonathan and what he helped us do for ourselves.” 


I feel like going through this Healing from Infidelity program has made all the difference. Your program specifically has been helpful, because we’d tried previously going to other counselors, and it’s not the same. I mean it. A pivotal part was when you taught it takes time and steps to getting back to being able to trust again and have a happier marriage, and because of that, I can’t put it on a back burner. I need to talk about how I feel and I have every right to feel the way I do.


Mended Light’s programs include life-changing curriculum and skills taught. All the therapists are caring, highly educated, and experienced. Including spiritual overtone that I needed to be integrated throughout courses and therapy. So grateful!!!