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This is your invitation to rediscover your peace

We will help make you think bigger and make your life more meaningful. Try our membership for $1

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Perhaps you want to feel whole and complete, to know that you are safe, to be seen, known, and accepted. Or maybe you just want to stand on your own with confidence, to shine your light, to find your power, and to live with courage. Mended Light exists to help you heal and reclaim your life.



Trauma can leave you feeling shattered and unworthy. You may feel hopeless and worthless, and that you can’t trust anyone or anything. Don’t lose hope. Healing is possible and we’ll support you every step of the way.


“My Mended Light counselor”

My Mended Light counselor has helped me work on my anxiety, my childhood trauma triggers and my relationship issues. I have been able to learn and discover myself and my beliefs that were not serving me anymore. And a lot of bottled-up emotions that I learned to accept and feel. I am grateful for the safe space that my counselor has created for me


“Made all the difference”

I feel like going through this Healing from Infidelity program has made all the difference. Your program specifically has been helpful, because we’d tried previously going to other counselors, and it’s not the same.


“So grateful!!!”

Mended Light’s programs include life-changing curriculum and skills taught. All the therapists are caring, highly educated, and experienced. Including spiritual overtone that I needed to be integrated throughout courses and therapy.


“An investment in my family”

More than just business owners. You can tell Jonathan and Alicia have a passion for what they do and making a difference. They are professionals that make you feel like you’re not alone on this journey.Their membership site gives you an opportunity for group therapy. I already have a one-on-one therapist, but I love that the Mended Light membership gives me a sense of community.


“ The best therapist I’ve ever had ”

Very personable and knows what’s best for me. And they don’t do it in a way that makes me feel guilty or embarrassed. They understand my situation and help me to believe in and have faith in myself. The best therapist I’ve ever had, hands-down!


“I’m so thankful”

I’m so thankful for the help I was able to receive through our counseling sessions! I used to be embarrassed about needing extra help but am proud to say that I’ve gone to counseling sessions. . He helped me to work through my anxiety, depression and personal trials and I know that I would have struggled far worse had I not had the help!


What People are Saying

Mental therapy transformed my life, fostering resilience, self-discovery, and lasting positive change. Highly recommended!

Free Consultation

100% Certified & Trusted

Enjoy 24/7 World Class Support

Free Consultation

100% Certified & Trusted

Enjoy 24/7 World Class Support

You Deserve to Heal

The effects of abuse and trauma are devastating to individuals and to families. While trauma is not your fault, healing is your opportunity.

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  • Self-Worth

    As you learn to trust yourself again, you’ll remember your worth.

  • Community

    This is a safe space where we understand what you are going through. Welcome to the no judgement zone.

  • Opportunity

    Your trauma was not your fault; your healing is not your responsibility. It’s your opportunity to live your best life.


We’re here for all of them.

Ours Services

Mend Your Light App

Identify your emotions with groundbreaking voice-frequency technology.Track your emotional state over time to measure your progress and struggles. Know what’s helping you and what’s not. Get daily exercises and record private audio journals to help you find balance and peace.

$25 monthly

(Includes the Mend Your Light App)

You’ll get Jonathan’s ever-growing catalog video courses on trauma, relationships, and mental health. Learn the skills he teaches in therapy! Live Q&A’s with Alicia and Jonathan about emotional health and trauma recovery to give you support and guidance in creating the life you want.

$25 monthly

Group Therapy
(Includes everything in the membership PLUS)

Biweekly virtual group sessions led by skilled, trained, and educated trauma specialists to guide you to wholeness.The most cost-effective way to access our Innate Healing trauma recovery program, specially designed to help you reclaim your identity and strength. Combine proven skills and tools from the program and the group with encouragement from people like you!

$149 monthly

Individual Sessions
(Includes everything in the membership PLUS)

Individual or family sessions with a skilled trauma specialist 2-4 times per month, with personalized care focused on your unique needs and situation. Access to our Innate Healing trauma recovery program, as well as our exclusive Hope After Divorce and Healing from Infidelity programs. Progress faster and more securely through recovery by combining self-guided learning with the counsel and direct guidance of a caring professional.

$349 – $599 monthly

We Give solutions.
Our Services are the proof.

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Mend Your Light App

Identify your emotions with groundbreaking voice-frequency technology.Track your emotional state over time to measure your progress and struggles.



Full Offline


You’ll get Jonathan’s ever-growing catalog of video courses on trauma, relationships, and mental health. Learn the skills he teaches in therapy! 


$25 /M

Online | Offline

Group Therapy (Includes everything in the membership PLUS)

Elevate your experience with membership perks PLUS exclusive group sessions.



Full Online

Individual Sessions (Includes everything in the membership PLUS)

Your journey with membership perks PLUS personalized one-on-one sessions



You May Be Asking Yourself:

Your mental well-being is our top priority

We prioritize your mental well-being above all else. Your peace matters.

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This is a process of unlearning all the untruths of what you THOUGHT made you worthy. The reality is you are valuable, worthy, and lovable just as you are, AND there is room for growth. You will need to put down all the judgmental things you believe about yourself and meet yourself with kindness and compassion to remember your innate worth and belonging. We’d love to support you through this process with our Innate Healing program.


We experience shame when we internalize responsibility for things that are not our responsibility or internalize things that are simply not true. I call these false beliefs, they are the lies we’ve accepted as truth that are not. It is a process of confronting those false beliefs with compassion and understanding, so you can put down the shame you unconsciously picked up and receive the true knowledge of who you really are. We do this together in the Innate Healing program. You are worthy, valuable, and loveable, even if at times you have been treated in the most unloving ways. 


That is a completely normal response. We can hide from trauma by running (flight), pretending (fawn), or shutting down (freeze). Our bodies were hard-wired to handle trauma in these ways in the moment to survive. Good job! Your brain and body are doing what it is created to do. The opportunity for healing now is for your brain and body to learn that you are now safe, physically, emotionally and in all other ways. As you embody the feeling of safety you will be able to confront the pain in a supportive way so you can feel whole and at peace. We do this together in the Innate Healing program.


We all need to be seen, understood, accepted and loved. When we feel misunderstood we do not feel loved, and therefore we do not feel safe. While we want this acceptance and love so badly from those we care about most, oftentimes they don’t have the skills, life experience, or emotional maturity to give us that understanding. That is ok! Find wise individuals in your life who can give you that support (like dear friends or a therapist) and create the boundaries in your relationships that provide you with emotional safety. The purpose of boundaries is to create emotional safety for you, not to try and get the other person to change.


It doesn’t seem like it, but your nervous system is trying to help you heal. You dissociated during the abuse to survive, but survival is no way to live. Now that you are physically and emotionally safe your brain and body are saying, “let’s heal this so we can thrive, but to heal we’ve got to address it.” It is going to be a process of first relearning you are safe now, confronting the false beliefs you internalized during the abuse, and returning to the truth that you are whole, worthy, and belong. Your experiences do not define you.


This is challenging. There are many times when people misuse their agency, perpetuate abuse, and victimize another person. Their misuse of agency is not your fault or responsibility. The healing process is to begin to untangle the lies we accepted as truth, release them, and step into our power of choice. You can be victimized and choose to not live as a victim.  We do this together in the Innate Healing program.

Lets Consult And Explore

- Not Sure If We’re The Right Fit? Try Us Out For $1 And Get 2 Weeks' Worth Of Healing.

Mend Your Light App


Groundbreaking voice frequency technology

Gives you the ability to check in emotionally at any time, anywhere

An AI therapist in your pocket

Provides daily exercises for the support you need most right now

Supports you in feeling your emotions

Creates emotional understanding, which creates emotional safety




Video courses where you learn the healthy relationship skills you never learned anywhere else!

Live Q&A’a with Jonathan and Alicia where we get to share, care, and connect!

An online community of understanding, safety, and support

Weekly podcasts where we share the good, the bad, and the real of making it through life’s challenges. We all have them!

The support and tools you’ve been looking for at a price you can afford.


For Groups


Twice monthly group session lead by one of our trauma specialists

Includes our Innate Healing and Relationship Foundations program at a budget-friendly option.

A group of individuals that creates safety, understanding, and belonging.

Find meaning and acceptance for yourself

See yourself clearly, with love and compassion

For Individuals


Twice monthly individual sessions one-on-one with one of our trauma specialists

Includes our trauma-focused programs, Innate Healing, Innate Growth, and Healing from Infidelity.

Includes the Mend Your Light App and Mended Light membership

Discover the real you, that is whole, lovable and worthy as you are

Learn to navigate the storms in your life, with the grace, compassion, and support you are worthy of.

Affordable solutions for every budget

Budget-friendly options tailored to meet everyone's needs. Affordable solutions for all."



    He Membership includes vast amount of videos, podcasts, Q and A's, and much more that deal with many issues that most people face at some point in their lifetimes. Jonathan and Alicia are remarkable people who really care about other people and spend their lives trying to positively impact the lives of others.. Highly recommend



      Mended Light offers flexible mental health support, allowing me to heal at my own pace and within my budget. The platform provides a comforting space where I feel understood, whether I speak up or not. Every interaction feels welcoming and inclusive. It's a valuable resource for anyone seeking affordable and accessible therapy alternatives.

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